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Order routing that continuously seeks price improvement Over 20,000 stocks from 20+ countries including emerging markets


24-hour trading with 24-hour support 180+ Forex pairs with no commission


300+EFTs from leading providers Baskets of stocks and bonds to match the performance of entire market


Leve2 bond trading using Sparkasse network Buy debt for interest and 100% investment return on maturity

transparent price and instant execution on baskets of cryptos price discovery based on actual traded volume from over 50 global crypto exchange


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you with 100% customer satisfaction. In case you are not too happy with our products and services then we shall refund the commission or fee and co-ordinate with you to offer future assistance.

What We Do


Our Mission

To provide our clients with hassle-free, efficient and professional online trading services, We firmly believe in providing personalized services to our clients


Our Products

We focus on assessing and understanding our client’s goals and needs. Our products are customized in a manner that allows every novice.


Corporate Environment

PSS has always believed in establishing strong corporate environment within the organization. Corporate culture forms the essence of our Strategy 2020


Ethic Committee

Year 2013 saw the company’s Supervisory Board intensify its supervision of uprightness and integrity by setting up an Ethics Committee.

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PSS FOREX and Stock trading

Take advantage of the Sparkasse group’s trading global network & earn higher profits!

Established in 2003, PSS Forex is the premier provider of trusted and transparent online trading services. With over 40,000+ trading instruments including Stocks, Bonds, Forex and Crypto Currencies, we are your one stop destination for investment needs.

In 2019, PSSForex adapts crypto currency payments for faster deposit and withdraw enabling customers to send funds from their online trading account in real time. With advanced online FX and Stock trading tools and in-depth market research,PSSForex continues to challenge itself to provide customers with an efficient and advanced online trading platform with following three rules all the time .

  • PSS offers the best executable market price.
  • PSS offers the fairest executions for trades.
  • PSS offers the fastest deposit and withdraw.

With the mission to provide the best online trading solutions in financial industry, PSS has constantly innovated itself with new technologies and developed personalized customer service programs. Moreover, we continue to improve our infrastructure into strengthening capital adequacy, broadening customer base, and increasing operational efficiency throughout the years of service.

Helping you every step of the way

No need to look elsewhere!

We offer everything you require for building and managing your trading portfolio.


Suited for all investors offering charts study, technical analysis and in-depth financials on all products ranging from Stocks, Futures, Forex, Index, and Cryptocurrency.

Advanced fundamental analysis tools offering real time economic data from leading countries and market performance summary of leading symbols and different asset class.

Covering all markets that PSS offers and sorted by professional analysts, Market Data is the most advanced market research platform presenting performance, valuation, oscillator and much more.

Our Products

Our smooth, transparent and easy to use platform have been crafted to meet the individual requirements of all types of traders/investors.
Get 20,000 stocks and EFTs from over 35 exchanges around the globe. We also provide 3000 Bonds and 200 Futures across 26 major exchanges.
Our aim is to inspire and install confidence in traders by providing them with a powerful and innovative trading platform and services.

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Pss values its clients and is committed to providing them with enhanced online trading services and experience.

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