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Order routing that continuously seeks price improvement

Over 20,000 stocks from 20+ countries including emerging markets

Crypto Currency

Transparent price and instant execution on Baskets of Cryptos

Price discovery based on actual traded volume from over 50 global Crypto Exchanges


300+ commission-free ETFs from leading providers

Baskets of stocks and bonds to match the performance of entire market


Level 2 bond trading using Sparkasse network

Buy debt for interest and 100% investment return on maturity


24-hour trading with 24-hour support

180+ Forex pairs with no commission

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you with 100% customer satisfaction. In case you are not too happy with our products and services then we shall refund the commission or fee and co-ordinate with you to offer further assistance.

Stock Trading

$4.95 Online Equity Trade

  • Get more than 20,000 stocks from over 20 countries!
  • Route orders on the best possible prices.
  • Trade commission-free for 60 days

PSS offers a basket of stocks for trading. With us, you will enjoy automated stock trading, differentiated liquidity as well as transparent and quick order executions.

Cryptocurrencies/Bitcoin Trading

With PSS, you will always have plenty of opportunities to enjoy safe and hassle-free cryptocurrency trading. We offer crypto-currency ETFs that are ideal for investing in your favorite cryptocurrencies. It is both affordable and convenient. We let you trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin against EUR, CNH, JPY and USD. You can learn how to implement the best bitcoin trading strategies and make smart trading decisions, simply and easily.

  • Trade more than 19 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Transparent price and instant execution on Basket of Crypto.
  • Prices based on the volumes traded actually via 50 global Cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Enjoy 24/7 trading with dedicated customer support team across the globe.
  • All our cryptocurrency trades are executed via liquidity providers and exchanges.
  • You don’t have to set up separate digital wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies.

With us, you will always enjoy safe and hassle-free Bitcoin trading opportunities. PSS offers cryptocurrency ETFs that are ideal for investing in your favorite crypto-currencies. It is both affordable and convenient. We let you trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin against EUR, CNH, JPY and USD.

Why PSS Bitcoin Trading?

PSS is your one stop destination for trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies. With our professional approach and expert guidance you will never face any problems in trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies. We offer phone and online support in addition to one on one support, as and when you require it. You can expect to benefit from the best Bitcoin trading opportunities with PSS. Don’t delay, get started today- Your financial success depends on it!

We provide you with complete peace of mind, allowing you to trade your most volatile investments with leading financial institutions for the safety of your funds. Having spent over 17 years in the online trading industry, we are experienced enough to offer products and services of the highest quality and standards.

With over fifty banks and twenty different exchanges across the globe, we offer the most competitively priced products in the market.

Bond Trading

Manage Rate of Interest Risk

Creating enough wealth through fixed income investments will assist you in managing your rate of interest risk both during market ups and downs, thereby reducing your exposure to rate of interest volatility.

Diversify portfolio

Diversify your portfolio across different assets thereby reducing your exposure to risks.

Create Wealth

Fixed income investments are ideal for creating a steady flow of investment on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.

Enjoy High Spreads and Low commissions

Digital dealer auctions that take place between the leading bond liquidity providing companies generates higher spreads for engaging in online
trading of bonds.

  • Enjoy Level 2 bond trading with assistance from the Sparkasse network.
  • Purchase debt to get 100% return on maturity.

Bonds are specially crafted to provide you with a steady flow of income on a consistent basis. They focus on safeguarding your investment’s original value and provide you with the right amount of comfort when the markets are up and down. Fixed income investments are ideal for you if you want to maximize your trading experience and also preserve your wealth.

ETF Trading

PSS offers best in class ETF investing experience to both professional and newbie investors. With more than 300 free of commission ETFs as well as tools that complement them, find the ideal opportunities for achieving your financial goals. Our ETFs come from highly trusted and recognized companies globally.

  • Get 300+ ETFs commission-free
  • Range of bonds and stocks to meet your requirements.

Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

We offer more than 3000 ETFs, which means you will have access to a wide variety of bonds, equities, indices, currencies and volatility on over 30 exchanges across the globe.

Exchange traded notes (ETNs)

Keep a track of the alternative and traditional assets or benchmarks including Ethereum, Bitcoin as well as VIX-based indices with our ETNs.

Exchange traded commodities (ETCs)

Make the most of your investment in commodities including oil and gold as well as securities such as metals, agriculture and energies with our broad range of ETCs.

Benefits of trading ETFs

ETFs are both flexible (like stocks) and diversified (like mutual funds). They are a collection of hundreds and thousands of investments. They are traded on major exchanges around the world and can be conveniently purchased and sold. We let you purchase ETFs that follow specific strategies or industries. trading of bonds.

Forex Trading

  • Trade over 180 different forex pairs on a commission-free basis.
  • Enjoy 24-hour trading and support.
  • Swap-free forex contracts

We ensure that you have access to the best forex trading opportunities. Now create your accounts and enjoy deposit and withdrawal of funds instantly.

We let you trade in forex currencies through our multiple dealer network using the PSS credit lines for maintaining secrecy, maximizing margin and operational efficiency and minimize the cost of transactions.

Benefits of Prime Broker Services of Sparkasse group

  • Discounted swap charge for all Forex contracts.
  • Spreads start at 0.1 pip,¹ competitively priced with volume-based discounts.
  • Access to cross-product portfolio margining solutions that match your unique profiles.
  • Enjoy liquidity and best prices from leading banks, ECNs and other market makers.
  • High-quality and prompt execution that further results in increased fill-rates, fewer stop-outs, and massive improvement of prices.
  • Enhances trading capital placement as well as boosts operational efficiency, through a centralized Forex clearing system with realtime risk management.